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Sreedhareeyam sunetra Regular

A clear eyedrop distilled from herbal infusions for daily eye protection and longevity

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Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Regular

Frequent travel, work on the computer, Lack of sleep etc. can weaken the eyes, cause dryness and make them prone to irritation. Sunetra Regular is a comprehensive eye protector and its regular use will safeguard the eyes.

Sunetra carries the same function and goodness of tears. Regular use of Sunetra along with eye exercises can provide longevity to the eyes. Created after extensive research and backed by meticulous clinical trials, Sunetra is a clear eyedrop created at a pH value similar to the tears to promote daily usage. Administering Sunetra does not cause any pain or any other difficulty in the eyes. It soothes up the eyes, prevents infections and clears off dust particles in the eye.

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How We Prepare

Natural herbs spontaneously give a refreshing feel for your eyes. Sunetra Eye Drops are prepared out of highest quality natural herbs selected exclusively to provide longevity to the eyes. The herbal ingredients are mixed thoroughly into a decoction and further processed to classical ‘Arka’ preparation (distilled essence) in classical Ayurvedic method. Pure Honey is added to the distilled essence and it is further buffered to a pH value (logarithmic scale used to specify the acidity or alkaline nature of an aqueous solution) similar to human tear to form a clear eye drop that replicates the functions of tears. It eventually gets bottled in the most advanced sterile class 100 automatic eye drop bottling plant.

Benefits of Sunetra

Sunetra’s formula has undergone extensive efficacy studies (Ocular anti-inflammatory activity, AIMS & Ocular anti-oxidant activity, AIMS) successfully. Apart from this, the dirt and bacteria which gets into eyes in today’s polluted environment is cleared by Sunetra and at the same time it also avoids dryness.

Approved by the doctors’ panel of Sreedhareeyam Eye Hospital which has received the Centre of Excellence recognition from the Govt. Of India, Sunetra offers a multitude of benefits like:

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How to use

For regular use, administer two drops in each eye twice a day. In case of difficulties or minor bacterial infections, use 4 times a day. Use for clearing dust and particles in the eyes as required.

The nozzle of the bottle should not be touched by hand or with any other material. To place a hole in the bottle, first break the seal of the cap by unscrewing and opening it, and then screw-in the cap tight again so that the in-built puncher in the cap creates a hole. You should not use any other material to punch a hole in the bottle.

Sreedhareeyam UNMATCHEDQuality & Excellence

All the raw materials & ingredients used in Sunetra are checked for quality and authenticity using the most advanced equipments like HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography). They are further checked to ensure the absence of toxic metals with equipments like AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer). After formulation, the resulting solution undergoes sterile microfiltration and is then sent to the most advanced sterile eyedrop bottling facility. Because this step is the most vulnerable to bacterial contamination, the air quality in the filling zone is maintained using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. The bottles used for filling is sterile after going through Gamma radiation at the origin. The final product also goes through rigorous quality tests to ensure they conform to the quality parameters laid out by the quality control department.

What are the major ingredients of Sunetra Regular?

Sunetra is an ocean of herbal remedies that gives a strong layer of protection for your eyes. The ingredients that constitute Sunetra Regular are:

Jati (Royal Jasmine)
Padmakam (Sappan wood)
Tulsi (Holy Basil Leaves)
Madhu (Honey)
Bhimseni Kapur (Borneol)
Satapatri Jala (Rosewater)