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Using Sanitizer can be Soft & Safe

Sep 29, 2020

The healthy tradition of cleansing our hands with water received a sharp blow when health officials around the world confirmed, ‘it wasn’t enough to fight Covid-19’. And all of a sudden, within a matter of minutes hand sanitizers were everywhere. We were told that alcohol-based hand-sanitizers were capable of killing a broad spectrum of microbes, and so it got added to our essentials list.

When hand-sanitizing became the new normal, dealing with dry-hands turned out to be the next challenge. Each time we sanitize our hands, it leads to dehydration, giving way to rashes and flakes. The extreme dryness even leads to itching. It is unfortunate that our palms lack the oil-producing sebaceous glands. Thus to address the problem of dry hands, moisturisers got added to the list. The hand-sanitizing ritual is now followed by moisturising in order to minimise the damage to our skin.

This is where Sreedhareeyam’s Biocleanse Hand Sanitizer steps in for the rescue. The unique formula that combines neem, tulsi, vetiver, cinnamon and alcohol with Liquorice and glycerine sanitizes the hands and works like magic, to keep our hands moist and supple. When the goodness of Ayurveda meets the virus-preventing alcohol, it proves to be efficient both ways, in killing the virus and retaining the moisture on our hands. So if your handbags are small, your pockets aren’t wide and you want to keep sanitizing simple, Sreedhareeyam Biocleanse is the right solution for you.