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Ways To Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Apr 06, 2021

Ways To Protect Your Eyes This Summer

This year, we have been facing searing heat like never before. The sun shines so bright that we have to be extra cautious while we step out. Never mind sunscreen, even umbrellas have become a must now. The sun is so harsh that it can burn through our eyes’ delicate tissues. Fortunately, a little bit of preventative care can go a very long way. If you want to protect yourself from both short-term eye pain and potential long-term consequences, make sure you read the tips to protect your eyes this summer below.

  1. Use sun protection

Imagine going to the beach for a vacation. Imagine lying down in the sand and dozing off, without a sunglass or a cap. You will wake up in one hour or so and feel like your eyes are melting. This is simply because of not using any protection. The sun’s UV rays are so harsh that you can end up damaging your cornea. While investing in a sunglass, make sure you buy one that has UV protection and protection against the sun. This way, the sun’s got nothing on your eyes. You will be able to see clearly and properly.

  1. Beware of the dry eyes

Dryness or itchiness in eyes are very common when it becomes the summer. The unforgiving heat takes up all the moisture in your eyes that it causes an issue known as dry eyes. The hot and dry weather makes the tear film in your eye dry and the dryness starts hurting. To not become a victim of dry eye, try using soothing eye drops twice a day or wear wrap-around sunglasses. If the issue persists, visit an eye doctor.

  1. Be safe at home

Summer means vacation for the children at home. This means more fun, craziness, and of course, DIY projects. While doing fun and messy projects with your kids or siblings, make sure that you protect your eyes very well. Cover your eyes with shades if necessary. If something goes into your eyes or you touch your eye with something, quickly wash your face. If that does not do the trick, consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

  1. Eat healthy and stay hydrated

The heat can make you feel tired, sleepy, and drowsy. The best way to stay energetic and active are by consuming fruits and veggies. It not only rejuvenates your body but also keeps your vision strong. Fruits and veggies contain chemicals such as lutein and zeaxanthin. These are antioxidants present that can prevent eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. Dehydration is very common in the summers. This can lead to dry eyes and other allergies and vision issues. Drinking lots of water helps you in staying hydrated.

  1. Prevent diseases from the pool

Summer also means that its time to go for swimming. Although its good for cooling off, it can harm your eyes. The chlorine that is used to keep the water sanitized is harmful for your eyes. It also strips away the tear film from your eyes, which makes your eyes vulnerable to diseases like conjunctivitis, irritation etc. Wearing goggles while swimming can prevent such issues. Also, ophthalmologists recommend using eye drops after a swim and washing your eyes with fresh water.

During summers, be aware of the pitfalls that can affect your eyes. If proper care is given issues can be prevented and you can retain the power of your eyes. Using natural eyedrops like Sreedhareeyam Sunetra  twice a day can also help you protect your eyes in summer.